People may choose to sleep with an electric heated blanket either for added comfort, or for health concerns such as Raynaud’s, diabetes, or just growing old, all of which can have a negative effect on circulation, and make it more difficult to stay warm. If you are looking for a way to heat up and stay warm on those cold winter nights, and stay warm on the brisk winter mornings then you may have considered a heated blanket. Maybe you’ve got one, maybe you used to have one, or maybe you were scared of getting one (not electricity in the bed!). Heated blankets used to be a staple in bedroom decors of the 1970s and 1980s, and they have fallen out of favor a bit, but is this rightfully so?

Well, older electric blankets didn’t have the safety features of modern-day heated blankets. Once safety was a concern with heated blankets, and now with features such as auto-shut offs, timers, overheating protection, short circuit protection, different heat settings, and safety approvals in place, the argument that heated blankets aren’t safe is now as outdated as 1970s décor.

Let’s check out the history of heated blankets, and see why they were first produced, and if these reasons still hold up today. Samuel Irwin Russell was the inventor of the first electric heated blanket in 1912, Samuel was an American. The first blanket was meant to be used under your bed, not on top like typical heated blankets of today. Blankets that were used on top of the bed were produced in the 1930s, but due to the Great Depression never really took off. That is until after WWII, when the post-war economy was booming and people hade disposable income to spend on comforts, like electric heated blankets. Initially, heated blankets were very basic, bein more quilt-like with layers of fabric (on either side) and a heating element coiled inside. However, they have now changed an have more materials which reduce the chance of overheating and burns. The changes that heated blankets have undergone are like most electrical products, especially now we are in an age where technology now rules our comfort.

What if you’re still concerned about the safety of heated blankets?

It’s a legitimate concern, being in bed with something that could possibly hurt you if it malfunctions. The advancements in technologies for manufacturing heated blankets have made them extremely safe. Any stories of heated blankets catching on fire or shorting our are things of the past, especially if you follow manufacturer instructions on using heated blankets. Even if your mind is not completely at ease, you can take additional measures to protect against any chance of overheating (hotspots). Make sure your blanket is flat and spread out evenly, and not folded over itself in any large areas, you also want to ensure that the power cord isn’t pinched or jammed anywhere. If you have diabetes or a similar condition which affects your nerve sensitivity it is recommended you either avoid heated blankets altogether or use them extremely diligently, as you do not want any thermal burns. Consistently check your blanket for any signs of damage (not hard to do).

Benefits of Heated Blankets

There is a reason people buy heated blankets it is because they have benefits. Heated blankets stop you from being woken from the cold, and conserve your body’s energy for fighting off illnesses instead of the cold. Heated blankets can increase the quality of your sleep by regulating your body temperature. In addition, they can also save you money on your heating bill. You can find out more information on heated blankets here.

Heated Blankets: Yes or no?

There is a trend showing that heated blankets are coming back. They were made in the 1930s with comfort in mind, but the majority of people couldn’t afford them until the 1940s, and they were a staple of comfort in the 1970s and 1980s. They began to die off a bit with concerns for safety, cheaper energy bills, and outdated styles.

Now the majority of safety concerns have been addressed by manufacturers. The price of energy bills has risen, creating a desire for more localized heating products costing less money to power. And there are now so many different materials and designs to choose from. Essentially heated blankets are making a comeback with safety, eco-friendliness, value, and style in mind. Heated blankets can help keep you and your family warm at night, whilst saving a large amount on your utility bills. 

We can see the trend of heated blankets making a comeback, but it will always be a personal choice, and you make still think they are outdated. Just try not to hold it’s past flaws against it, we all do some personal development to get better. For us, sleeping with an electric heated blanket is an awesome way to stay warm in the winter months, or all year round if you live in Alaska!