When the weather starts to change, and the thermometer starts to drop, you may dread walking out to your cold car for the commute to work, or taking the kids to school. When your bare hands first touch your cold steering wheel, it can feel like Jack Frost is blowing right on your hands. The last thing you want is cold hands when driving in potentially cold and hazardous conditions. You could of course wear gloves to drive, but they can be cumbersome and can have limited grip (don’t want to lose control!). A great solution to keep your hands warm, and to maintain a better grip on your steering wheel is by getting a heated steering wheel cover.

Some high-end cars have heated steering wheels inbuilt, but the majority do not. For the majority of cars that don’t, you can get a heated steering wheel cover that can easily slide onto the wheel, and uses power from your car’s cigarette lighter to power it and keep your hands warm. You will be able to feel the heat almost instantaneously. There are many different heated covers to choose from, so we’ll give you some tips and recommendations for what to look for in a quality heard steering wheel cover.

Heated steering wheel covers are also a great way to hide any signs of wear or damage on your steering wheel, making the interior of your car look nicer. Some heated covers are also washable, which makes it easier to keep your car clean, and you won’t have to worry about getting it dirty.

Product Reviews

Zone Tech Heated Steering Wheel Cover

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Product Description

The Zone Teach Heated Steering Wheel Cover is great at providing warmth and comfort to your steering wheel. You plug this model into your 12-volt vehicle outlet and it starts to do that it’s made to! It has a breathable layer of material, which has the ability to circulate air through the small microfiber and mesh materials it is made of. This heated steering wheel cover is a must-have, it is made of premium materials, heats nicely, and is a universal fit.


  • Material: 100% Nylon

  • Style/Fit: Neat and tailored design vest, meant for all activities and occasions

  • Pockets: 3 pockets

  • Breathable

  • Thermostat controlled heat: from 90 degrees up to 110 degrees

  • Warms quickly

  • Premium quality materials


  • It can be hard to install when it is cold (reduced flexibility)

LemonBest Heated Steering Wheel Cover

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Product Description

If you want a heated steering wheel cover at a reasonable cost, then look no further than the LemonBest Heated Steering Wheel Cover. This cover comes in black and grey, and is made from soft and durable PU leather material. It is great to cover damaged or worn steering wheels. Plug this model into your 12-volt car outlet, and feel the warmth hit your fingers instantly!


  • Value

  • Quality

  • Not rubbery


  • Minimal directions

  • Hard to get on

SEG Direct Heated Steering Wheel Cover

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Product Description

The SEG Direct Heated Steering Wheel Cover is a great product for those looking to keep their hands warm on those freezing winter drives. The elastic power cord it features prevents it coming tangled in the steering wheel when driving, reducing any danger. It is made of ultra-smooth and soft velour. Like most heated car steering wheel covers it is built to plug into a 12-volt outlet (cigarette lighter). Some models seem to come with a distinct smell, but since SEG uses quality materials there will be no bad smell with this model. This heated steering wheel cover will keep your hands warms, stick to your steering wheel nicely, and provide you with better grip and control on your drive.


  • Comes in two sizes: Small and Large

  • Good quality

  • Soft velour material

  • Fits well to the majority of steering wheels


  • Due to the close fit, it can be difficult to install it on the steering wheel

How does a heated steering wheel cover work?

Heated steering wheel covers typically have a thin cable that you will plug into your lighter socket. They will have an indicator light, which tells you that the cover is on. It is a pretty simple device.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Heated Steering Wheel Cover

There is a large variety of heated steering wheel covers available. They will all interest consumers in various ways. However, the best features remain consistent among most heated covers. To get the best value for your money, you need to consider some factors before you make your purchase. Here is a helpful list of what to consider:

Size/Fit: You will need to know the size of your steering wheel. Most heated steering wheel covers will have a universal fit, meaning they will fit over most steering wheels. But double-check to make sure your steering wheel is a standard size, most steering wheels are anywhere from 14–17.5 inches (36–44 cm) in diameter. Check this out if you need help measuring your steering wheel.

Heat: Heat is the reason you are considering a heated steering wheel, so warmth is an important factor. Most heated steering wheel covers will be plugged into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Heating temperatures generally vary between products, but the range generally falls between 90°F to 120°F. They will heat up quickly as well! Some products have built-in thermostats to regulate the temperature of the cover. 

Material: There are different materials available. You can get leather covers, which are nice and stylish, however, if you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations it could make the material brittle and prone to cracks. So you may want to take the cover inside for the summer months. Heated steering wheel covers are also made in cloth, rubber, and sheepskin versions, think of what material you would like your hands to touch. Rubber will be very easy to clean (with wipes), cloth is quite durable, and sheepskin will be the softest to touch. Look at manufacturer instructions on how to wash each particular cover.

Grip: You want to select a cover that grips the wheel, and stays in place. As this will enhance your grip upon the steering wheel as well. Look for covers with non-slip inner layer grips, to keep your heated steering wheel cover in place.

Style: Depending on the type of car you have or your personal preference, you may want to purchase a stylish heated steering wheel cover. There are boring looking covers, and more stylish, and even customizable. Price: You can purchase cheap or expensive versions, expensive may be better, but this isn’t always true. Read reviews on people who have already purchased and used heated steering wheel covers. Heated steering wheel covers can cost anywhere between $8 to $65. Factors that will affect price are: brand, material, quality, and additional features (e.g. some have lighting).

Additional factors

  • Quick Heating: Aim for products that heat the steering wheel in 1-3 minutes. 
  • Temperature control: Your hands should not become too hot, most good quality products will have a thermostat to regulate the cover’s temperature.
  • Protection: Heated steering wheel covers can protect your steering wheel from the elements, making it last longer, and minimizing any damage. 
  • Comfort: You want a comfortable grip, especially if you are going on long drives, and may not want the cover turned on the whole time.
  • Warranty: It is always good to go for products that guarantee refunds and returns if you are not satisfied with your product.

Should you get a heated steering wheel cover?

If you have never had a heated steering wheel cover, you’re probably wondering if they are truly necessary. After all, we have heaters in cars and access to gloves. But cars can take a long time to warm up in the morning, and gloves can be annoying and difficult to wear when driving. Without a firm grip on your steering wheel, you are putting yourself and your family in danger. Safety is a priority, and heated steering wheel covers are a very affordable way to achieve this, they are not only a decoration or a luxury, they are a great safety feature, which enhances your grip and control on those cold winter days.


Here are some commonly asked questions by consumers looking at heated steering wheel covers.

They are very safe, as they use a low voltage they won’t electrocute you, and their temperature is controlled so that it won’t raise high enough to cause any burns or fire.

Generally they won’t make your hands too sweaty, especially if you look for products with thermostat temperature control, or tiny perforations to improve airflow (keeping your hands dry).

Not necessarily, there is variance in products though. Some may be bulky and thick, but there are lots of thin and lightweight versions, something that price may reflect. Read descriptions of products to find what they are made for. For example a product may be thicker and bulkier if it’s made for heavy-duty use.

Some can smell bad if they are made out of cheap materials. Higher quality products should not have strong odors or odors that last beyond the “new smell”. Look for environmentally friendly products/materials. It’s also highly unlikely that plush, microfiber, and wool products will smell bad.