What are heated socks?

Heated socks are socks that have inbuilt heating elements. These elements are typically heated using battery power (9V or AA). Heated socks can also be attached to a power source on motorcycles or other vehicles (12V) depending on the type of sock. These power sources heat up small electric threads that are woven into the socks, which then provide heat to your feet. Heating elements are usually on both the top and bottom of socks, to heat the entirety of your foot.

Product Reviews

  1. Global Vasion Heated Socks

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Product Description

Global Vasion heated socks are a great indoor and outdoor sock. There are made of cotton and spandex, and have two 3.7V rechargeable li-ion batteries. The three levels of temperature settings are great for users to control their ideal comfort level. These socks are priced nicely for heated socks. They are suitable for people doing outdoor activities (hiking, hunting, ice fishing, walking) or for indoor use, such as lounging on your couch.


  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Heated area = front instep

  • Battery life = High: 3-3.5 hours, Medium: 4.5-5 hours, Low: 6-6.5 hours

  • Comfortable

2. XBUTY Heated Socks for Men and Women

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Product Description

XBUTY has outdone themselves when considering battery life. They have used a 4800mAh battery with a larger capacity than most heated socks. This means that these socks can provide up to 16 hours of warmth per charge (on low setting). They have also replaced typical carbon fiber heating elements with premium alloy heating wires, which don’t tangle as easily, heat more uniformly, are smaller (wires), and provide greater temperature stability. XBUTY heated socks are made with premium combed cotton and spandex, they have durable heat-trapped terry, which provides extra warmth. These socks are also 30% thicker than regular socks, which makes them able to absorb more sweat. They are able to be charged with a micro USB cable as well, for added convenience.


  • Micro USB charging

  • Heat trapped terry

  • Three-layered design

  • Machine washable on cold (when battery removed)

  • Three heat settings: High: 155-160°F (9 hours), Medium: 140-150°F (12 hours), Low: 115-120°F (15-16 hours)

  • Charging time 2.5-6 hours

  • Heated area = front sole

  • Sizes: 4-12

  • Heat within 60 seconds

3. Jomst Heated Socks (Unisex)

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Product Description

Jomst heated socks are a great budget sock. The one drawback is the come in one singular size (meant to fit 8-13). They are made from cotton fiber. They have a soft and padded reinforced heel and toe regions. The battery lifespan of Jomst is fairly good too, lasting up to 9 hours. There is the ability to toggle between three temperature settings. It is recommended that you handwash these socks.


  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Three heat settings: High: 130°F (5 hours), Medium: 113°F (7 hours), Low: 100°F (9 hours)

  • Three-layered design

  • Padded toe and heel

4. SNOW DEER Heated Socks (Mens/Womens)

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Product Description

Many heated socks only heat the instep, however, SNOW DEER has gone a step ahead with their design. They have heating in their instep and front toe region, which provides more overall heat coverage for your foot.  The material of these socks is also very breathable and absorbent, being made of a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane. There is a solid variety of sizes and colors by SNOW DEER. These socks also come with a one-year manufacturer warranty provided by SNOW DEER. The battery life of these is not as good as some other socks on our list.


  • Rechargeable batteries

  • FAR infrared heating elements

  • Sizes: 5-14 (size runs small)

  • Three heat settings: High: 113-131°F (2-2.5 hours), Medium: 110-113°F (3.5-4.5 hours), Low: 93-100°F (5-7 hours)

5. Hotronic XLP One Heated Socks

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Product Description

Hotronic heated socks are great for the ski slopes. They also make ski boot heaters as well. This socks excels, and the only reason it is a bit lower on our list is due to the higher price, making it very expensive for the more casual wearer. However, if you will be on the slopes, or out in the freezing cold for long periods of time, you may want to consider spending a bit more and having a great pair of allrounder heated socks to show for it. These socks are made from a wool blend, which is a great material for winter. These come with a variety of additional features listed below:


  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Machine washable

  • Three heat settings with additional 4th setting (Boost heat setting). On the highest setting 156°F, low setting between 82-95°F.

  • Bost heat setting: pumps extra heat in short bursts

  • Battery life: Highest setting = 4 hours, lowest setting = 10-13.5 hours

6. Mobile Warming Heated Socks

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Product Description

These socks are made with a moisture-wicking tri-blended fabric. As skiing/snowboarding is one of the most common uses for heated socks, Mobile Warming target this audience with their durable heated socks. The wireless keychain which you can control the socks by makes these socks stand out from others on the list. Meaning you can easily change the temperature when you’re sitting on your chairlift, or mid skiing (no recommended). The battery life is quite good, last 4 hours on high, which would get you through an intense ski session, but you likely won’t need them on high for that long.


  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Wireless controller

  • AC adapter charging

  • Sizes: Men 4-14, Women: 6-11

  • Heat zone is under the toes

  • Three heat settings: High: 135°F (4 hours), Medium: 116°F (6 hours), Low: 93-100°F (11 hours)

  • Heat in under 2 minutes

  • Approx. 3 hours to fully charged batteries

Reasons for heated socks

There are generally two uses for heated socks, indoor, or outdoor use.


People who may want to use heated socks indoors are those who suffer from chronic illnesses/ailments whose symptoms can be treated using heated socks. Some examples of this are diabetics, hypothyroidism, or tarsal tunnel syndrome. Brands such as TherMedic can be used in therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, athletic centres, and at home. Other people may consider heated socks for comfort inside.

All electrically heated socks are capable of heating cold feet (duh). They are generally used more in the winter, but can be used any time of year. Using heated socks can also be great for sleeping, as they can help you fall asleep faster. They are a great present for anyone during the holiday season who has cold feet as well! 


You can use heated socks for multiple outdoor activities including work, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, motorcycle riding, ice fishing, and the list does on. If you are stationary for long periods of time in cold areas then heated socks can be amazing to keep your feet warm. For activities like hiking they can be great too, even though your body will be moving and generating more heat in your feet, they can still get cold, so being able to control the temperature of your socks is ideal, you can just turn them off if your feet start to get too hot. But I think it’s a better problem to have (the ability to get your feet really hot), than suffer from frostbite. Some heated socks won’t be able to handle the rigours of hardcore sports use (skiing/snowboarding), so you can buy specially designed heated sports socks for these activities.

Tips to find the best heated socks for YOU!


The whole point of buying a pair of heated socks is comfort, so this should be your main priority when looking at electric heated socks. Make sure you look at the different fabrics used, design styles, and customer reviews. Some brands will try and sway you by using stats on the maximum heat that the socks can generate, but if the sock doesn’t feel good on your foot, then this is redundant. Which brings us to our next point.


You want a sock that doesn’t cause irritation that can ruin your whole day or experience. Fortunately there are lots of brands that design heated socks with comfortable fabric, and are also undetectable if you don’t want people jealous of your warm feet (Shhh!). 

Different fabrics will cover different needs. TherMedic socks are not meant to be worn skiing, they are for use around the house, so their material is not as durable as some brands. Global vasion offers heated socks on the other end of the spectrum, making socks with a three-layer build: 1. Soft inner layer (comfort), 2. Middle section that heats, 3. Windproof exterior. These socks are better for skiing, snowboarding, or hiking. So take fabric, quality of make, and the reason you are buying the sock into account when purchasing. 

Design and heat distribution

Always check the design of the socks you are buying, they are designed for different uses. You want to avoid socks that have bulky battery packs that could jab into your feet or calves. Most heated socks have no problem heating up, or staying warm, but distribution can be affected if you choose a poorly designed sock. You want to aim for a pair of socks that distributes heat evenly throughout, you don’t want your foot getting heat in one concentrated location. 

Heated socks don’t mean you have to give up on style to warm your feet. You can find nice pairs to match most outfits!

Temperature control

If your socks get too hot, it can lead to uncomfortable sweating, and wet socks and feet (ew). To avoid this look for socks with adjustable heat settings. It is not completely necessary, but having a remote control or a product app to control the temperature of your socks is great. Having the option of controlling the temperature via this method, or by the controls on the battery allows you convenient flexibility. 

Remote controlled and device-based controls will mostly all have three different heat settings.

Battery life 

Battery life is an important consideration for heated socks. If your socks are the most comfortable socks imaginable but the battery dies quickly, then this defeats the purpose of heated socks. And you’ve just bought yourself an expensive comfy sock you could have bought at Walmart. Make sure you check at the specifications on the estimated battery life of each pair of heated socks. 

Some socks can heat feet for over 10 hours (more expensive). It appears that often the price of heated socks is correlated directly to their battery life. 

*Follow manufacturers instructions for washing heated socks, as this is the number one cause of battery death.


Most heated socks will have similar charging methods. Using rechargeable batteries, which generally take up to 8 hours to fully charge (usually less). Charge time will vary depending on which brand you purchase. Like any rechargeable battery, they lose their holding capacity over time. If you spend a little more but get a great quality product it can be worth it. So always consider quality first, and price second.


It’s important to compare aspects of heated socks like: price, material/quality, battery life, and other features. Price doesn’t necessarily correlate to quality. Typically socks with rechargeable batteries will cost more, but you’ll save money long term on battery costs if you use them.

Types of heated socks

Above we explained the different characteristics of heated socks, not let’s look at some more tangible. Here are different types of heated socks:

  1. Rechargeable battery heated socks (focus of this article)
    These are a great option for keeping your feet toasty! As they run on three settings (low, medium, and high). Depending on the pair, they can provide 3 to 10 hours worth of heat. Most rechargeable battery socks have reinforced padding in the heels, and are breathable. Most reputable brands will be waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging them in wet conditions. The perks of having rechargeable batteries is that you will save lots of money on batteries long term, they also usually come with portable chargers to ease the charging process (e.g. roadtrips)..
  2. Electric socks with external batteries
    If you’ve ever worn insulated socks before you know how nice and warm they can keep your feet. They have these in a heated version (amazing), if you heat them and then turn off the heat they will retain that warmth for much longer than other heated sock versions. They are the best for extreme conditions.
  3. Microwavable socks
    There are microwavable socks on the market. They can be used for a short term fix to the cold. They are simply to heat up in the microwave for those long winter nights.
  4. Heated insoles
    Although theY are not a sock as such, they are an alternative to heated socks. Insoles are inserts you put into shoes, the heated version functions similarly to heated socks, just the heat comes solely from the bottom. Heated insoles can come with the same temperature control settings, and similar battery life to heated socks. The drawbacks are that they don’t heat the top of the foot, are more expensive (slightly), and don’t fit nicely in all shoes.

Safety and care for heated socks

If you are purchasing or have purchased heated socks, it’s important to understand how to use them safely, and care for them. They are made with electrical threads woven into the sock, which make them more susceptible to damage than normal socks. If not used safely or properly cared for they have the potential to cause discomfort or harm (burns). In saying this, heated socks are extremely safe, and there have been no reported cases of people suffering serious injuries as a result of heated socks if used properly. 

For safe use here are some tips:

  1. Always make sure that the battery is charged before you connect the battery to the heated socks. 
  2. Avoid using heated socks directly on your feet. The element may get too hot for your skin, which can lead to irritation or burns, so aim to wear a thin/lightweight pair of socks underneath your heated pair. This extra layer will add protection to your foot and trap heat close to your feet as well, so it won’t reduce the effectiveness of the sock.
  3. Ensure that the cables heating the socks are not tangled around your feet, and lift cables up and out of the way as you insert your feet into the socks. 
  4. Make sure the battery pack is attached to the socks themselves, or if designed to clip onto your pants or waistband, follow manufacturer instruction. Keeping in mind that cables are on the inside of your pant leg, not the outside, to avoid damage. 
  5. ALWAYS test out socks first, before wearing them out! Turn them on and see how they feel, then try them on at home on the lowest setting. See how your skin reacts to the heat. 

Here are some cleaning and care tips: 

  1. Follow manufacturer instruction on how to wash heated socks. Either via hand, or machine washing. The label of the product should specifically state which method is safe for the product. Do not alter from instructions. 
  2. Do not tumble dry socks, allow them to hang dry. This may be time consuming but it will ensure the longevity of your socks.
  3. Do not iron, boil, bleach, or dry clean heated socks. This can cause harm to your socks, and potential danger to you.
  4. Handle with care, especially around water.


It’s not impossible, but it’s extremely unlikely. They will not catch fire if the battery is working correctly. If you notice an odd smell, or you think water has damaged your battery, then replace it right away.

Some are, some aren’t, it depends on the manufacturer. Make sure to read labels before buying and before using heated socks. They will say if socks are waterproof.