Heated slippers can be awesome if your feet need to relax. Can you think of anything better than getting home at the end of a long day and sliding on some warm slippers? Well, you probably can, but I’ll continue anyway. You’ll instantly feel the warmth, and therapeutic benefits of heated slippers when you slide them on, providing a soothing feeling for your sore feet. 

It has long been know that heat can relax and help heal sore muscles. Heat therapy works by increasing circulation and blood flow to areas where there is a temperature increase. Even with a slight increase in temperature an afflicted area can be released of its pains, aches, and arthritis-related soreness. Heated slippers can help your sore feet, as well as keep them warm on cozy on fall and winter days.

When deciding upon a heated slipper there are certain factors you should consider. This short article will touch on the things to look at when considering a heated slippers purchase.

Product Reviews

Best Therapeutic Heated Slippers

ObboMed Heated Therapeutic Slippers

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Product Description

Warm feet can improve your sleep, and make life a lot more comfortable for people living with health issues like Raynaud’s, or varying circulation issues. The ObboMed is an awesome heated slipper. These heated slippers are powered by a low voltage (5V) USB outlet. The heating element within the slippers is made using modern carbon fiber heating technology. This allows for heat retention even after the slippers have been unplugged. There are two heating levels: 1. Gentle warmth, and 2. Fast warmth. These slippers take about 5 to 10 minutes once switched on to feel their warmth.


  • Heating temperature: up to 109°F

  • Carbon fiber heating technology

  • 2 heating levels

  • Auto shut-off after 3 hours

  • LED power indicator light

  • Soft sole design for enhanced comfort

  • Detachable USB cable so you can easily charge from different devices or outlets

  • Includes 110V-230V AC

  • Unisex

Best USB Heated Slippers

BIAL Unisex Heated Slippers

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Product Description

Our top pick USB heated slippers are made by BIAL. The shell and lining are made from velvet, and the padding is 100% polyester. These BIAL slippers are charged via a USB cable, and have timed controls that you can set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The top heat these bad boys get up to is 150°F, and it is adjustable up to this point. A handy feature of these BIAL slippers is the waterproof soles, so you can wear them outside for brief moments in time or drive with them on.


  • Velvet shell and lining

  • Timed heat: 15, 30, 60 minutes

  • Temperature control: Low 113°F, Medium 131°F, High 150°F

  • Auto shut-off (3 hours)

  • Titanium crystal nanofilm heater

  • Waterproof sole

  • Unisex

Best Stationary Foot Warmers

Happy Heat Electric Foot Warmer

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Product Description

This foot warmer is not your traditional slipper, it is a great way to relieve cold feet and improve circulation at home or work (under your desk perhaps). The unique thing about this electric foot warmer is that it uses a water pre-sealed pocket to warm the device. The sealed water is heated between 140°F to 158°F. The device heats up in less than 15 minutes and will stay warm from 2 to 5 hours. There is an auto shut-off feature that is nice, to avoid the user overheating. There is a detachable cord, so once the foot warmer is heated you don’t need to be near an outlet. It is a single foot unit, meaning both feet go inside, so if you want to be walking around in heated slippers, check out the other products on this page.


  • Unique water heated technology

  • Machine washable fleece cover

  • Heats in 12-15 minutes

  • Heat between 140°F to 158°F

  • Stays warm 2 to 5 hours

  • Detachable cord

  • Large heating area

  • Fits sizes up to Men’s 13 and Women’s 14

Best Microwaveable Heated Slippers

Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Slippers

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Product Description

If you don’t want electrical heated slippers, then Snookiz offers a great microwavable alternative. You put the inserts in the microwave for 60 seconds, and they will emit heat for 30 minutes after adequately heated. The downfall is obviously heating time, as electric heat slippers will stay consistently heated for much longer periods. But if you just need a slipper to heat up your feet quickly or before you get into bed, then these can be great.


  • Microwaveable (no batteries or charging)

  • Hand wash

  • Fuzzy and soft

  • Come in multiple colors

  • Unisex

How to choose the best-heated slippers

Let’s find the best-heated slippers for you. Here are some important considerations and features:

Power source

Heated slippers can be powered by rechargeable batteries, USB, or dedicated power adapters. 5 Volt USB powered heated slippers generally have a low power usage and don’t get as warm as the slippers that run off 12 volt dedicated power packs.

One awesome feature of some USB powered heated slippers, is that they can be charged using power banks (the type you charge a cell phone with), which can make it more convenient to charge them.

*you can also get microwaveable heated slippers, but this article is focused on electrically heated slippers.

Wired or Wireless

When comparing heated slippers you may see the terms wireless and wired (less often). This relates to the power supply/heating element. Wireless slippers come with a self-contained power supply. This type does not need to be connected to a power source, instead, there are powered by rechargeable batteries that are removed to be charged. 

The advantage of wireless slippers is that you can freely move around your house or cabin. And you won’t have to worry about tripping over any pesky wires. 

If you have a wired pair of heated slippers that are charge via cables (USB/power adapter), you may want to charge them will wearing them. Just be careful you don’t move around and pull the chords out, or worse, trip over them!

Heat Retention

What’s the point of having a heated slipper if the slipper lets all of the heat out? Some slippers will keep heat in for a long time, while others will only retain heat for less than half an hour. See what manufacturers say regarding heating time, and heat retention (duration).


Some brands are built to last, others are not. Consider going with a reputable brand for durable slippers. Also consider how well you will care for your slippers, as if you take more care of them they should last longer. If you will be wearing them every day in the winters, then you’ll want a durable product, if you will only wear them for a weekend at a ski resort you can probably opt for a cheaper, less durable pair.

Price Point

An important factor is price, you gotta decide how much you are willing to pay for your heated slippers. Some brands are pricey, some less so. You can still get good quality products by reputable brands at great prices, browse around and read descriptions, and you can narrow down a price point from there.


Want to be comfy AND stylish? Well I’m glad you dared to dream, because it’s possible. Style may very well be a factor in your purchase, you can get heated slippers in plain solid colors, or different designs and fabrics, you can even get fun and wacky designs (like cartoon characters). If you want to stand out or have some fun at home, then you can do this. If you want something basic, you can do that too.

Indoor – Outdoor

If you want to use your slippers outside (light use) you can get slippers with rubber or reinforced soles, which are easy to wipe down if they get a little dirty. Avoid using fabric bottomed slippers outdoors, they can pick up dirt and moisture, and be more difficult to clean. Keep these guys indoors.

Auto shut off

Some pairs of heated slippers have an auto shut off function, which is handy if you are worried about overheating.


Keep an eye out for products that have washable covers, as you will want to clean your heated slippers. If they have washable covers you can throw the covers in the washing machine (wash on delicates setting).


Just like any footwear purchase, you want to make sure you are getting the right size, even more so for heated slippers. The better the fit to less time they will take to heat your foot. Check out the sizes available, and take any necessary measurements of your foot if you are worried about sizing.


It’s a good idea to look at reviews and star ratings of consumer products, to see how people feel about similar purchases. This will help you analyze the product, and any issues you may run into.


Some brands will be more reputable than others, and offer better return and warranty policies. Familiarize yourself with some brands if customer care and support if something you value.

How to Clean Heated Slippers

Manufacturers instructions should always dictate how you clean your heated slippers. Generally, the best way is to spot clean them. If you put a pair of heated slippers in the washing machine it can ruin the technology used to heat the slippers. So never do this (unless the manufacturer says you can). If your slippers can be machine washed, then use this method!

Alternatives to heated slippers

Heated socks and insoles are viable alternatives to heated slippers. We have articles on both, check out our article on heated socks, or heated insoles.


No matter the purchase, it is always recommended to inform yourself about the product and different factors that can dictate your choice. The more you know about a type of product, the more likely you will make a better choice, especially with the amount of heated slippers becoming available. 

Grab yourself a pair of heated slippers if you want your feet to be warm and cozy in the winter! And pay attention to the different factors that we mentioned above!