When the winter season arrives and the glass begins to fog on chilly mornings and nights it’s hard to escape the cold. How can we get some respite from old Jack Frost? Well we could just pile on the layers and hoard as many comforters and blankets as possible. But layering is tiresome, and storing multiple blankets and comforters is inconvenient and annoying (who has time for folding anymore?). A great way to stay warm is to get yourself a heated mattress pad. This will give you two benefits: 1. Provide warmth, and 2. Give you extra cushioning. It will also protect your mattress from wear and tear, prolonging the life of your mattress.

What are heated mattress pads? You might ask. Well they are electric heating appliances (not the kitchen type) that are placed directly on top of your mattress, with the sole purpose of keeping you warm at night. If you live in a place that gets very cold during winter you may be familiar with this type of bedding, and if you haven’t it should soon become a staple of your winter bedding. Heated mattress pads come in various sizes (twin, full, queen, and king), they are made of various materials, and come with a variety of features which will be discussed in more depth if you continue reading below.

Product Reviews

Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated Mattress Pad

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Product Description

This heated mattress pad looks like the top of your mattress, you won’t even notice it’s on until you lay down and feel the extra warmth and comfort you get from having the Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated Mattress Pad. This model has dual controllers to control the 2 different heating zones of the mattress pad, which is perfect for couples. There is also a preh-heat setting on this model, which is great as you can pre-heat for when you get into bed and keep that heat going all night long, or you can pre-heat it just for the initial time where you get into bed, and have the heater switch off after. 

This Sunbeam pad offers 10 heated settings for both of the heating zones. The controllers are small and durable with an LCD screen and buttons. It is also equipped with a 10-hour auto-shutoff. It is also under warranty for 5 years.


  • Dual controllers

  • Digital 10-hour auto shut-off

  • 10 heat settings

  • Preheat feature

  • ThermoFine technology

  • 100% quilted cotton

  • 200 thread count

  • Fits up to 21” deep mattress

  • Machine washable and dryer safe

  • 5-year warranty

MP2 Heated Mattress Pad

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Product Description

The MP2 Heated Mattress Pad is the new kid on the block. But it’s turning heads with its 4.5/5 star ratings. It is a quality made product, with dual-sided heating and controls. Smaller sizes (Twin, Twin XL, and Full) come with a singular controller. There are 5 heat settings for this model, and with the 5 ounces of fill used in the mattress pad, you won’t feel any pesky heating wires. 

MP2 has a preheat function as well, so sliding into a cold bed is a thing of the past. The heat is evenly distributed throughout according to consumer reviews. This model is very energy efficient and will save you $ in the long run on your heating bills. It is equipped with an auto shut off feature (10 hours). The controls are very user friendly and minimalist. The MP2 Heated Mattress Pad is UL safety certified.


  • 100% premium polyester material

  • Dual controllers

  • 5 temperature settings

  • Preheat function

  • Auto shutoff

  • Machine washable and dryer safe

  • 5-year warranty

Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with ThermoFine® Technology

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Product Description

Perhaps the highest seller on this list is the Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with ThermoFine® Technology. This mattress pad is affordable and put together nicely. It has 140 thread count, which is not as high as other products on this page, but nonetheless it will still be comfortable. The 5-ounce fill of this mattress pad will keep your body away from any heating wires. It is available in a variety of sizes, and the skirting covers mattresses up to 18” in thickness. 

This heated mattress pad features dual heating zones, each with its own controllers (on bigger size), on smaller sizes (Twin, Full) there is only one controller (typical). The controllers are ergonomically designed and are controlled with a twistable large dial. So it is harder to see at night. This mattress pad has 10 heat settings. For the price, this is a great option, and it is why it has thousands of positive reviews, however, it does have limitations, such as low tech controls, and lower thread count and fill inches compared to more premium mattress pads on this list.


  • %100 Polyester

  • 10 temperature settings

  • 140 thread count

  • 5-ounce fill

  • Auto shutoff

  • ThermoFine technology

  • Machine washable and dryer safe

  • 5-year warranty

Electrowarmth Heated Mattress Pad

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Product Description

The Electrowarmth Heated Mattress Pad has 10 warming features, to provide personalized comfort. It is made of 100% polyester. The Electrowarmth system consistently gets rave reviews for its warming system.  

There is an auto-shutoff feature if it ever overheats or becomes unsafe. This should help put your mind at ease. The Electrowarmth comes in lots of different sizing options, and the larger sizes have dual temperature zones and controls. Consumers have given this heated mattress pad the green light in regard to ease of setup, quality performance, and comfortable temperature settings.


  • Dual controls on larger sizes

  • Ten heat setting

  • Quick heat-up feature

  • Machine washable and dryer safe

  • One year warranty 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied

Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad with Zoned Heat

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Product Description

This mattress gives the ultimate heating control to the user, by having 6 different heat zones. Which, makes it great for people that want heat targetted on certain areas of their body. This is why this mattress is marketed as a therapeutic heated mattress pad, as it is not only targeting warmth, but is built to soothe muscle aches and pains in specific parts of the body. For example, if you have a sore knee (arthritis maybe), and you only want the lower half heated up, then you can control this. 

The controller(s) for this model are fully digital and wireless, and have a backlight display for easy visibility during the night. This mattress is made with Sunbeams ThermoFine technology that monitors both your body temperature and temperature of your bed and bedroom to adjust and target heat where needed.


  • Wireless digital controller(s) with backlight

  • Dual controllers on larger sizes

  • 6 heating zones

  • 100% cotton

  • 200 thread count

  • Premium soft (on Sunbeam’s softness scale)

Biddeford Electric Heated Mattress Pad

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Product Description

Biddeford makes its electric heated mattress pads in the USA. This heated mattress pad has a soft microfiber topping, which feels great to lay on. This pad is made from 100% polyester, and has skirted sides. It’s available in 5 sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California king). 

Whether for Biddeford has an analog or digital controller, they will both give you the ability to accurately control and maintain specific heating levels. There is also an automatic shut-off feature as well. Twin and Full-sized models have single temperature zones, the larger sizes come with two controllers to control the dual zones. The people at Biddeford really stand behind their products, as is shown by the 5-year warranty included.


  • 10 temperature settings

  • Analog controller (simple to use)

  • Lightweight

  • Skirt

  • Dual heat zones on larger sizes

  • Machine washable and dryer safe

  • 5-year warranty

Sunbeam Water Resistant Heated Mattress Pad

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Product Description

If you like to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in bed you’ve probably had a few close calls or mishaps with spilling. Sunbeam offers as greeted water-resistant heated mattress pad which features six ounces of fill (inside of pad), surrounded by water-resistant backing. This will protect your heated mattress pad from spills and moisture damage. 

Many heated mattress pads are made using polyester, this one is 100% cotton. Cotton is very breathable and offers an ultra-soft touch, for added comfort when in bed. The mattress pad has 10 levels of heat, and has a pre-heat feature as well, so you won’t have to get into a cold bed. This mattress pad has been rated as ‘Premium Soft’, which is the softest option on Sunbeams softness rating chart.


  • Water-resistant

  • 100% cotton 

  • 200 thread count

  • Premium soft 

  • Preheat function

  • Machine washable and dryer safe

Should You Purchase a Heated Mattress Pad?

The majority of people buy heated mattress pads for one of three reasons:


Temperature regulation: Heated mattress pads generally make your bed warmer in temperature, some even have cooling capabilities. The pad goes under your sheets and on top of your mattress, it is specifically designed to keep the heat close to the user’s body. Being warmer (or able to control temperature) often enhances comfort and makes sleeping easier, especially if you want to avoid climbing into an ice cold bed at night.


Cost efficiency:  Some people may choose to purchase a heated mattress pad to reduce the cost of their heating bill. Using a heated mattress bed can save you quite a bit of money when the cold hits, and instead of keeping your heaters on overnight, you can keep them off, and let your heated mattress pad use minimal power for maximum concentrated heat.


Pain relief: Many people have ailments related to back, joint, muscle, and circulation problems. Heat can provide soothing relief for many ailments, a study has recently shown the positive effects of heat on neck and foot pain. Having a heated mattress pad won’t cure your ailment, but it can help alleviate and control unwanted symptoms, and help you relax at night.

Things to look for in a heated mattress pad

Now that we’ve covered what heated mattress pads are, and why people decide to get them, we will point out some important features to consider when looking for the right heated mattress pad for you. Here are a couple basics before we jump in: A heated mattress pad should cover the entire top of your mattress, they produce heat through resistive wires heated by a heating element. These wires are weaved into the mattress pad. Most mattress pads will operate using AC power, and some work on DC power. Things such as thermostats (temperature control) and heating timers are very common on heated mattress pads. Here is a comprehensive list of key features to considering when selecting a heated mattress pad:


Heated mattress pads will be made using different materials to provide warmth, comfort, and functionality. 

Heating element

The heating element on a heated mattress pad will be embedded in the pad and will heat the pad to the temperature levels controlled by the control unit. You ideally want thinner wires, as there is less likelihood that you feel them. Having evenly spaced wires will ensure for optimal heat distribution across the mattress pad. So keep an eye out for small wires and evenly spaced wires. Most wires in heated mattress pads will be electrical, however there are some products that have small tubes that heat utilizing hydropower (e.g. chiliPAD™ Sleep System).


The controller is how you set the temperature of your heated mattress. If you want a mattress pad with two heating zones you should look for products with this capability and two controllers. Controllers are generally connected to the mattress pad using a wire/cord, if you do not like this then there are some heated mattress pads that have wireless remote controllers.


The actual pad (soft material) can be of a few different types of materials. Here is a list of the most common materials used:

  • Cotton: which is known for being a soft and absorbent material, this is great for moisture wicking. If you have a tendency to get sweaty at night then cotton is great as it will absorb water and dry out quickly. 
  • Polyester: tends to be less absorbent than cotton, but it has more stretch to it, and is more fairly breathable. Microfiber is a type of polyester, which is composed of smaller strands, which makes the mattress pad feel more plush (softer).
  • Blends: there are many heated mattress pads that use blends of polyester and cotton to get some of the benefits that both of these materials have.


The skirt is the part of the mattress pad that goes around the sides/corners of the bed to hold it in place (similar to your fitted sheet). Skirts will be made out of polyester due to its ability to stretch, making it compatible with most beds.

Size and Fit

The size and fit of your mattress pad is an important consideration when buying a heated mattress pad. You need to know the dimensions or size of your bed, and consider the depth (height) of it as well. You want your heated mattress pad to fit nice and snug with your bed, so it does not bunch up and cause overheating (potential safety risk).

It is much more preferable to get the size suited to your bed, instead of a standard size heated pad. If you get the correct size it should fit great on your mattress, and will stay still under you as you toss and turn throughout the night.


With anything electronic, you want to have reliable and durable circuitry. Most often you can tell if a manufacturer stands behind its product if they have a good warranty period. Try and aim for products with at least a 1 year warranty if possible. 

We touched on material earlier, but it is advised to consider the thread count of the pad, as you will be laying on it for countless hours (the more threads the better typically). The higher thread count along with the quality of the pad, can make it easier to fold, lay down, and handle the mattress pad. Which is handy when it comes to storing it or cleaning it.


The awesome thing about quality heated mattress pads is that they often allow for personalization and adjustability. Look for mattress pads that have the following qualities:

  • Heat settings: look for heated mattress pads with heat settings range from 1-10. There are others with more basic settings, however try not to limit your comfort control. Some options also allow you to control the heat with temperature in degrees.
  • Dual heating zones: If you’ll be sharing your heating pad with someone else, it’s highly likely you’ll have different heat preferences. An easy fix for this is getting a heated pad with dual heating zones, controlled by dual controllers. This is a common feature of Queen and King sized pads, it is rare in twin and full size beds. 
  • Heating and Cooling options: in some seasons it may get very hot where you live, and some seasons very cold. Some pads offer cooling features as well! So if you live in a place with extreme temperature changes (I’m looking at you Oregon, Minnesota, and Colorado) then consider a heating and cooling mattress pad.
  • Preheating: lots of pads have a preheat function, so you don’t have to get into a cold bed. So if you think that it would be nice to have a mattress pad that heats your bed and then holds it at your ideal temperature make sure it has this feature.
  • Timer and auto shut-off: having these features will allow you to set turn on and turn off times for your convenience and comfort. It will also allow you to customize when you would like the auto-shut off to kick in (e.g. 5 hours). These features are practical as you don’t want to wake up from being too hot, and these features also have safety in mind.

Ease Of Use/Convenience

Why would you buy something just to have it frustrate you? You ideally wouldn’t. We want this guide to help you purchase a heated mattress pad that will be user friendly. When you’re half asleep and reach to turn down the temperature, the controls of your heated mattress pad should be easy to use, and respond immediately. Therefore two considerations for controls should be taken into account:

  1. Digital controls: which will make it easy for you to control settings, making sure you have it on the ideal temperature/level.
  2. Instructions: should be simple, you shouldn’t need a masters degree to understand the instruction booklet. Look for a pad with a simple controller, and easy to use buttons.


Heated mattress pads should be considered as an electronic device first, and bedding second when it comes to safety. Your body will be in close contact with the mattress pad for long periods of time, so it is important to familiarize with manufacturer safety guidelines. You want the power cord to be located in a non-invasive part of the mattress pad, so you don’t accidentally knock it. In addition auto-shut off and timer features are always recommended as they provide that extra level of protection of the pad has been left on, or gets too warm. You should continually inspect your heated mattress pad to make sure no wires become exposed, and there are no dark spots forming (burns). 

By and large, heated mattress pads are extremely safe to use, if manufacturer instructions are followed. There are some people that need to use caution when using a heated mattress, especially pregnant women. Pregnant women do not want to have their body temperature raised too high, however heated mattress pads are unlikely to raise the body temperature to a heat that could cause any adverse health effects, however take this into consideration and be cautious. Pregnant women’s body temperatures should not exceed 102°F (38.9°C) for more than 10 minutes, the elevated heat can cause problems with the fetus. If you are using a heated mattress pad when pregnant, it’s advised to remove the mattress pad at around 36 weeks, just in case your water breaks when you are in bed. 

People with circulatory systems or other health issues should consult with their doctor before making a heated mattress purchase.

To ensure your are buying a quality heated mattress with adequate safety features look for products that have the following:

  • UL Certification: UL is a world leader in product safety testing and certification. They use stringent standards targeted at the manufacture and design of consumer products, including heated mattress pads. UL 964 is the code for heated bedding. If the product is UL certified, it shows that it has passed their strict safety testing standards.
  • Auto shut-off (covered above)
  • Overheating protection (covered above)

Cleaning your heated mattress pad

You want bedding that’s easy to wash, it’s plain and simple. So choose a mattress pad that is machine washable. If you have more patience than me, you can opt for a pad that requires spot-cleaning. Make sure you follow manufacturer cleaning instructions to avoid damaging your heated mattress pad.

Return policy and Warranty

With anything, you want to have the option to return in if you aren’t satisfied (especially if buying online), or be covered if your purchase is faulty or gets damaged. 

Some heated mattress pads are sold with a “sleep trial return window”, which lets you try out the mattress pad at home, and if you’re not satisfied, you can return if for a full refund. If you are hesitant to buy a heated mattress pad this is a great option. 

Always pay attention to the length of the warranty, and the details of it as well. Typical warranties range from 1 to 5 years. Because heated mattress pad electrical components can be more susceptible to damage than a regular mattress pad, it is a good idea to have a decent warranty.

Heated Mattress Pad Versus Heated Blanket?

If you aren’t sure about getting a heated mattress pad, there is an alternative in heated blankets. There are benefits to both heated mattress pads and heated blankets. 

Heated blankets (link to heated blankets page) are meant for use on top of your body, in contrast to the mattress pad which is underneath you, and emits heat upwards. Mainly it will come down to personal preference (budget, use, decor) of what heated item to get. Here we will briefly compare heated mattress pads and heated blankets:

Heated Mattress Pad

  • Energy efficient – save one heating bills

  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

  • Color: Typically white

  • Generally machine washable/dryer safe

  • Typical features: 

    • Auto-shut off
    • Preheat
    • 10 heat settings
    • Dual controllers/heat zones on Queens/Kings
  • Warranty: 1-5 years typically

  • Costlier than heated blankets

  • Safer – as the are less prone to bunching

  • Less versatile (use on bed)

Heated Blanket

  • Energy efficient – saves on heating bills

  • Sizes: Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, and King

  • Color: Variety to suit different decors

  • Generally machine washable/dryer safe

  • Typical features: 

    • Auto-shut off
    • Preheat
    • Up to 20 heat settings
    • Dual controllers/heat zones on Queens/Kings
  • Warranty: 1-5 years typically

  • Cheaper than heated mattress pads

  • Slightly less safe as they can bunch and create hot spots

  • More versatile (can use on bed or couch)

If you are considering a heated blanket, check out our comprehensive guide on heated blankets.


Heated mattress pads are a great way to keep warm in the winter months, they are an affordable product, and safe for consumers thanks to strict testing guidelines. If used appropriately it should last you season after season. It will save you money as well, by reducing your reliance on heaters in the winter months.


Heated mattress pads must adhere to federal and industry standards in regard to safety. This standards currently include an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating and/or electrical malfunctions.

For the highest safety level, look for products with the UL certification, which is an industry standard for safety.