Milwaukee M12 heated jacket

Here’s our review of Milwaukee’s M12 heated jackets, the flagship 12V heated product line from Milwaukee that’s compatible with any M12 or M18 Redlithium battery that may already be laying around the construction site or backyard. If you’re a Milwaukee tool user who needs to upgrade their warm weather gear, look no further.

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Who is Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Tool has been around since 1924, and has always been known for their focus on innovating tools to make them longer-lasting and more durable. This company mission led Milwaukee to pioneer the M12™ and M18™ cordless battery systems, which offer a single, swap-in, swap-out solution for powering tools around the Jobsite or the back yard.

The fact that Milwaukee uses their tried-and-tested battery technology in their apparel is good news. The only potential downside when it comes to the brand’s heated gear is the fact that they are tool and battery experts, not clothing designers at heart. This may lead to some sacrifices on the sartorial front and in comfort. However, a look at the highly favorable review ratios for almost every Milwaukee jacket suggests that jacket design or feel is not an issue for the majority of wearers.

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Milwaukee M12 heated jacket: Key points

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Other options in Milwaukee’s M12 heated jacket line

Milwaukee M12 Axis Heated Quilted Jacket

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless AXIS Heated Quilted Jacket Kit

The Axis versions of Milwaukee’s M12 range are designed to work as outer or mid-layers, thanks to their ‘hybrid AXIS Ripstop Polyester,’ which is lightweight, compressible, and easily slides under clothing. Axis jackets are also wind- and water-resistant, having been given (Durable Water Repellent) coating that should last for a decent number of washes. All the same M12 heating technology is here, with three fast-heat settings and a conveniently placed battery pocket.

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Milwaukee M12 Women’s Axis Jacket

Milwaukee M12 Heated Women’s Jacket

Like the quilted jacket above, the Milwaukee M12 Women’s Axis jacket works alone or as a mid-layer, thanks to its velvety polyester construction that easily slides underneath an outer shell. With a tailored, slim fit, this option works well for smaller women or those who don’t like the unisex fit of the other products in the M12 range. While the Women’s Axis jacket uses the same reliable heating technology as the rest of the product line, some customers have complained about the battery placement in this jacket, commenting that it can become obstructive when sitting down.

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Milwaukee M12 Hoodie

Milwaukee Hoodie M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket

We get it. Some people just don’t wear jackets. Whether it’s a tough-guy thing, or you simply can’t deal with the feeling of a stiff outer layer, check out the M12 hoody. This top is reinforced in key strain areas and designed to be hard-hat compatible. It’s constructed with a waffle weave thermal lining that traps heat, and of course, plugs into Milwaukee’s Redlithium batteries for some secret active heating.

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Milwaukee M12 Men’s Heated Axis Vest

Milwaukee M12 Mens Heated AXIS Vest Kit

Want to keep your core warm, but need to keep your arms free for maximum mobility?  Milwaukee has incorporated their M12 tech into a vest version of their quilted jacket, giving wearers a double dose of warmth with polyester insulation and active heating across the chest and back. Wear this vest alone, or use it as the warmest mid-layer ever created by mankind.

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Our verdict

Known for their durable, long-lasting electric tools, Milwaukee certainly has experience in creating products that stand up to tough, outdoor environments. Their M12 jackets are no exception, with hundreds of positive customer reviews and hardy, ToughShell materials that will stand up to heavy use. We also like that the Milwaukee jacket is dryer safe and available in multiple formats and colorways. Check out the latest prices for the Milwaukee M12 jacket now.

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