Electric power tool giant Dewalt is known for its MAX battery system, which allows users to switch out and recharge their tools as they work, keeping everything running. For those who’ve already invested in the MAX range and spend a lot of time outdoors in the elements, Dewalt’s heated jackets are seriously worth considering.

Offered in a variety of styles, each Dewalt heated jacket comes with an LED controller, a pre-heat mode, multiple heating zones, USB device charging, and a durable outer shell. Here’s our review of the Dewalt brand and their most impressive heated jackets.

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Who is Dewalt?

Dewalt’s origins date back to the 1920s and founder Raymond DeWalt, who pioneered the mass production of woodworking machines. Originally located in Leola, Pennsylvania, Dewalt was known for its “Wonder-Worker,” an electric universal woodworking machine that could be configured in 9 different ways.

Dewalt found their modern form when they launched their cordless system and MAX battery range, which evolved over the 2000s into one of the most respected tool lines for the job site and the backyard. Using the same space-saving and rechargeable 20-volt MAX batteries, Dewalt’s heated jacket range is designed for exactly those people—whether you’re raking leaves, renovating a home, or working construction.

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Dewalt heated jackets: key points

DEWALT 20V/12V MAX Heated Jacket

DEWALT 20V/12V MAX Heated Jacket

Dewalt’s water-resistant softshell offering is by far their lightest heated jacket, and their only jacket weighing less than 3 pounds. Despite its weight, it boasts 4 Heating Zones that can be pre-heated, giving wearers the luxurious option of a toasty hug before stepping outside. The Dewalt heated jacket also has multi-function pockets and USB cable routing ports for device charging.

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DEWALT Heated Heavy Duty Work Coat

Our runner up for the Best Heated Work Jacket, the Dewalt heated jacket is a work coat with a classic look. Unlike the vast majority of heated jackets, it’s constructed from heavy-duty cotton, which is paired with a fleece polyester lining. We love the flannel-lined hood and concealed storm cuffs, adding to the jacket’s versatility. Dewalt’s heating system also extends across this jacket’s arms, adding another string to its bow.

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DEWALT 20V/12V MAX Women’s Heated Jacket

With a slimmer fit, the Dewalt women’s heated jacket makes sure that those whole need a more tailored shape can still benefit from their 20V heating technology. Heated jackets work best when closely fitted to the body, so choose this version if you think that the unisex Dewalt jackets might run too baggy for you. This jacket includes 3 Core Heating Zones with 3 temperature settings and is constructed from durable cotton twill.

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DEWALT Heated Hoodie

DEWALT DCHJ080B Heated Hoodie

If you need a cold-weather option, but don’t like the rigid feel of a jacket, then Dewalt’s heated hoodie might be the solution you’re looking for. With a durable wind resistant cotton/polyester construction, this top won’t stand up to rain, but will allow you to go jacket-less in freezing temperatures.

Dewalt’s hoodie has a long list of heating features. It includes the usual large handwarmer pockets and fitted ribbed hems, as well as stepping things up with a thermal waffle knit fleece liner. Heating is positioned at the chest and back.

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Our verdict

Dewalt heated jackets occupy a specific niche for those people who are already working with the Dewalt MAX system batteries and tools. If that’s you, then there’s a lot to like about Dewalt’s varied jacket range. With polyester and duck cotton options, as well as women-specific fits and even a heated hoodie, there’s enough diversity in their product line to satisfy every taste.

When it comes to the technical aspects, Dewalt jackets are also competitive. Most go above and beyond the standard three heating zones to provide arm and/or collar warmth. That said, Dewalt jackets are unquestionably heavy, with two of their line coming in at a hefty 5 pounds.

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