Savior is a growing brand in the e-textiles world, offering consumers warmth across an impressive range of product categories since 2010. Here’s our take on Savior heated gloves.

Who is Savior?

A look at Savior’s website will show you that this isn’t a polished, department store brand. Instead, Savior (parent company name, Shenzhen Eigday Heating Limited) is focused on providing cost-efficient products, with an extensive R&D department and over 3500 m² of factory floor space in Asia, pumping out a wide variety of “intelligent heating, cooling and LED outdoor sports products and accessories.”

This has led Savior to quickly become one of the most-searched and viewed heated-product brands on the internet right now.

Despite their value-for-money, the company is customer satisfaction-oriented, operating on a “zero defect, zero complaint” mantra. Savior offers a one-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship, while a look at recent customer reviews shows that any customer questions and or reported issues receive prompt responses.

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What to consider with Savior gloves

Savior heated gloves: key points

Savior divides up their heated gloves into different categories according to the activity they’re designed for. Here’s what you should be looking for in each use-case, and whether or not Savior makes the grade.

Our verdict

Savior heated gloves are manufactured by a large scale Asian e-textile company who offer value for money and decent customer service. Today, they’re one of the most search-for heated product brands, and thousands of Amazon customers have been highly satisfied with their products.

As well as receiving favorable customer feedback, the majority of Savior gloves rank well when compared to other common heated products. Where there are negative reviews, they tend to focus on the design and build rather than specific defects or quality issues. We’d recommend carefully researching the specs of Savior products before buying, to make sure they align with your heated glove needs.

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