Should I get my cat a heated bed?

Ah, the age old question! People with cats really care about them, so why wouldn’t you consider enhancing their comfort of your feline friend. If you have a cat (or small dog or another small animal) keep reading!

Many cats are obsessed with heated places (think Joe Goldberg from You kind of obsessed). If you can’t keep your cat away from the heat or your laptop or other devices, or always find them bathing in the sun, then they would probably love a heated cat bed. Old cats (senior catizens) or any cats suffering from ailments may also like a warm place to relax. To help you decide if your cat could use a heated bed, let’s check out some factors.


Always consider the environment you are in. If you live in a place where the temperature is consistently 70°F or higher, then getting a cat bed is probably unnecessary. A regular cat bed and blanket would suffice, or even a cave if you wanted to spoil your cat.

If you do live in a place where it tends to get cold, or your home gets chilly, then a heated cat bed is definitely a great option. Heated cat beds are energy efficient, and many only heat when the cat is actually using them. Cat friendly and environmentally friendly! So if you live in a place where the temperature is typically below 60-70°F then a cat bed is recommended for you!

Breed (hair type)

Different breeds of cats may need a heated cat bed. Especially cats with not much hair to insulate them (e.g., Sphynx). Cats that are smaller (not much fat) or without much hair may appreciate a warm environment in the form of a heated bed. There are some cat breeds that are built for the cold and may not enjoy a heated bed.


Larger cats generally don’t get as cold as small cats. This is because smaller cats generally won’t have as much body fat to insulate them and keep warm. This is not to say that larger cats will not enjoy a heated cat bed as well, it’s just an added consideration.


Just like humans, when cats age their metabolism can slow down, and their circulation may not be as good as it once was. If your cat is losing weight that may mean it’s metabolism is slowing down, and it may need to conserve more energy to store its food. So using a heated bed can be a way of your cat maintaining its weight. On the other end of the spectrum kittens may have a hard time staying warm, so they will likely love a heated cat bed.

If you think your cat may be suitable for a heated cat bed, we will explain to you the different types of beds available.

Product Reviews

K&H Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Heated Cat Bed

[amazon fields=”B07HMLDPDK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B07HMLDPDK” value=”price”] [amazon fields=”B07HMLDPDK” value=”prime”]

[amazon fields=”B07HMLDPDK” value=”button”]

Product Description

This bed is great for cats (and little dogs!), as it is soft and luxurious! Time to spoil your, feline friend. This bed has over-stuffed bolsters surrounding the entire bed, making sure your cat feels warm and cuddly. The orthopedic foam base of this bed ensures that they will be on a very soft and comfy base with adequate support. This bed is machine washable when the heater is removed. There are two sizes available (small/large). The fabric of this bed has a more fur-like feel, and is so so soft to touch! The bed has smart sensors that keep the bed 10-15°F above room temperature, and when your pet lays down in the bed the heater will begin to heat to their body temperature.


  • Thermostat controlled heat that automatically responds and only heats to your pets normal body temperature

  • Sizes: Small – 18” round shape with 4-watt heater; Large – 16” x 22” oval shape with 7-watt heater

  • Indoor cat bed

  • Removable heating element and fabric cover for easy washing

  • Machine washable

  • Certified by MET Labs safety standards

  • One-year limited warranty

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Mat

[amazon fields=”B000S9M2U4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B000S9M2U4″ value=”price”] [amazon fields=”B000S9M2U4″ value=”prime”]

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Product Description

This mat is quite simplistic when looking at it, but man do cats love this thing. Cats love warmth and K&H has made a simple and effective mat to keep cats warm. It is controlled via a thermostat and only heats up to full temperature when a cat is laying on it, so it adjusts the temperature of what is on it. The mat/bed will remain at about 59°F until your car lays down on it. It will then start to warm up to the body temperature of the cat. It is great on energy as well, as it is only 6W, which will give you pretty good savings whilst keeping your cat warm.


  • Thermostat controlled heat that automatically responds and only heats to your pets normal body temperature

  • Size: 12.5” x 25 “ 

  • Indoor cat pad

  • Removable heating element and fabric cover for easy washing

  • Machine washable

  • Certified by MET Labs safety standards

  • One-year limited warranty

PUPTECK Waterproof Heated Pet Pad

[amazon fields=”B07PK2K87Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B07PK2K87Q” value=”price”] [amazon fields=”B07PK2K87Q” value=”prime”]

[amazon fields=”B07PK2K87Q” value=”button”]

Product Description

This pad is unique in the fact that it is waterproof. It also has three different temperature settings (high, medium, low).  This pad will keep your cat or dog warm and has a thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet’s body temperature. It also has a refractory wool design to prevent overheating. The mat is extremely durable being waterproof and anti-chew, meaning you won’t have to worry about any short circuits or electrical danger to your pets. It has an easy to clean surface as well, just give you a wipe with a wet cloth, and it will look as good as new. Unlike the majority of pet beds, this one is easily foldable, so storage is a breeze!


  • Sizes: Medium 22.8″ x 16.9″, Large  27.9″ x 17.9″, X-Larg 33.8″ x 20.8″

  • Three heat modes

  • Thermostat controlled

  • Refractory wool design

  • Waterproof/water-resistant

  • Ant-chew

  • Easy to clean

Types of heated cat beds

There are two different types of heated cat beds:

  1. Electric – which have heated element(s) built into their interior, and are attached to a power cord, which is then plugged into an outlet.
  2. Self-warming – are built from certain materials to help retain heat within the bed, that originates from the cat’s own body heat.

What to consider when choosing a heated cat bed

Heated cat beds should have some quality features, here is what to look out for when selecting your furry friend it’s new dream bed.

  • Electric or self-warming

    Electric models will be the warmer of the two types, and a recommended for use when someone is present in the home. Self-warming models are great in the fact they can be placed anywhere in the home (don’t need a power outlet), but they won’t get as warm and rely on your cat to generate it’s own body heat.

  • Indoor or outdoor

    Most heated cats beds are designed for indoor use. You can find heated cat beds for outdoor use (or unheated sheds/barns), although they are less common. So if you have a hard time getting your cat to come inside, but still want a warm place for it, then an outdoor heated cat bed is a nice alternative.

  • Power cord

    You want a power cord long enough that you can position the bed in the desired location(s) without having to get an extension cord. Keep an eye out for chew-resistant power cords, as if you cat has a tendency to chew on things it could be a shock risk (like any electrical cable).

  • Thermostat

    Heated cat beds should have an internal thermostat to regulate the temperature of the bed, making sure it remains at a safe level. There are some models which offer adjustable temperature ranges for added customization.

  • Size

    Cat beds come in small and big sizes typically. You will want to purchase an appropriately sized bed for your cat. This can also depend on how your cat likes to sleep, if your cat likes to sleep curled up a small size could suffice; but if your cat likes to stretch out, then a bigger size may be more ideal. If you have more than one cat and the like to sleep together, you should buy a large size.

  • Shape

    Most heated cat beds come in rectangular or round shapes. They either have high sides or low sides. For cats that sleep curled up aim for a small round bed with higher sides. For cats that like to stretch out and lounge a rectangular bed with lower sides is probably better.

  • Padding

    For your cats comfort, make sure there is some nice padding in the heated cat bed.

How to make the transition to a new heated cat bed

You might have your cat’s new bed, but they are feeling a bit unsure about what this new and exciting thing is in their space. You cat may just be ignoring it, or have had a couple sniffs of it, but don’t fret! Often cats can take a few weeks to become comfortable with the thought of sleeping in a new bed. There are some things you can do as a cat owner to help it though, so let’s get that kitty into the new bed:

  • Make it smell familiar: Cats love to smell things, it’s a big part of their lives. They also leave their scents on things for a reason, to mark things as their own. The new heated cat bed will come with a new factory smell, so grab a blanket or cushion the cat likes and uses and place it inside the new bed. This helps associate a positive or familiar experience with the bed.
  • Eliminate unfamiliar scents: We mentioned above the new smell a bed may have, well you can get synthetic cat pheromone spray, which does not have a scent to humans, but has a calming effect on the majority of cats, and can encourage them to explore new places or things. So get some of this to spray on the new heated cat bed!
  • Treat motivation: There’s nothing like some good old bribery to get your cat into its new bed. If your cat likes treats, then scatter some cat treats in the bed. This will encourage the cat to touch the new bed, and associate it with its treats.
  • Manual intervention: This involves physically picking up your cat and putting them down on/in their bed. This method is recommended if your cat is ignoring the bed, not if your cat has expressed any fear towards the bed.

*You can also look at Feliway Multicat if you have multiple cats.

How much electricity does a heated cat bed use?

Not only are cat beds comfy, they are also very efficient. You probably already spend enough money on your cat that you don’t want it running up your power bill either. 

Cat beds range in wattage, with the lowest at 4 watts, and the highest at 15 watts. For example sake, if you have each of the two beds running for a full day (24 hours), which is not possible usually as most have auto shut-offs. But the running costs would be:

  • Per month for 4 watt bed to run continuously for 30 days = $0.30
  • Per month for 14 watt bed to run continuously for 30 days = $1.10

These are based off about a per kilowatt price of 12 cents. So these beds are virtually free to run, you won’t notice much change to your energy bill at all.

Safety of heated cat beds

If operated according to manufacturer guidelines heated cat beds are very safe. So let’s look at how we can help maintain the integrity and safety of your heated cat bed:

  • Avoid extension cords – Most heaters recommend against the use of extension cords. This is because many extension cords are not designed to support the amount of electricity needed to heat up heating elements. This is not to say all extension cords are unsafe, however check the watts and be careful in considering this.
  • Cleaning heated beds – When it comes time to clean your heard cat bed, make sure you read the instructions, and follow these. Typically you will wash only the cover of the heated bed. Never attempt to wash the heated cat bed with the element in place.
  • Avoid placing additional layers on the heated bed – To reduce any fire hazards, avoid placing flammable materials on top of the heated bed. 

If you follow manufacturer directions for use of a heated cat bed, then you should not have any safety issues. If you decide to leave your cat home along for long periods of time, then turn off and unplug the heated cat bed. However, most are designed to be on 24 hours a day (as long as you’re around).

Cat we get one now?

Every cat will be different, and you know your cat best. If you think that your cat may love a heated cat bed, and it could help them relax then this is a great option. Most cats I know love to lay in warm places (I do too!). 

If your cat has difficulty staying warm this is one of the most effective fixes, so if you cat is old, young, or sick then it is even more reason to invest in a heated cat bed. It will ease muscles, and help ward off or slow down arthritis. 

If you purchase a heated cat bed follow our tricks above to ensure a smooth transition, and always operate the new bed safely.


You can leave some heated cat beds on 24/7, and they only need to be unplugged if you are going away for a couple days. Others are designed to be plugged in and on for 6-10 hours. Each manufacture and product will have different operating guidelines, so familiarize yourself with them.

Yes and no. Some beds offer more control/temperature settings, but you will pay more for this feature. Others have one heating setting, and these are typically lower cost beds.

No, they are fairly easy to maintain. They should be washed occasionally. Aim to buy one with a removable cover that can be machine washed.